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Josh is a partner and the Director of Litigation with Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan. He has been representing clients in criminal, civil, and administrative cases across Pennsylvania for over a decade.

Josh has secured acquittals for clients on criminal charges ranging from DUI to armed robbery and serious sex crimes. He has also successfully argued for the reversal of felony and misdemeanor convictions before the Pennsylvania Superior Court and has succesfully argued for the dismissal of charges before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. He represents clients in all matter of criminal cases, including criminal homicide, sex crimes, drug offenses, violent crimes, and theft offenses.

Josh also represents clients in civil matters, where he brings his extensive courtroom and negotiation experience to each case. With numerous jury trials under his belt, Josh does not shy away from litigating a case to trial.

He has practiced in trial courts across Pennsylvania, as well as the Pennsylvania Superior Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Before joining the firm, Josh owned and operated Camson Law, LLC. He practiced for five years in Western Pennsylvania with CamsonRigby, LLC. Before going into private practice, Josh worked as a law clerk for The Honorable Paul Pozonsky in Washington, PA.


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